Spatial insights will help you to:

  • Create sales or service/delivery territories
  • Target new customers
  • Identify high potential locations for future expansion
  • Map your impact

Retail: Seer's retail tools, models, and data-sets will help you map customer behaviors, calculate retail trade areas, and identify relevant competitor locations. If you are looking to expand your store network, Seer can build affordable custom models to predict consumer behavior, map your likely new trade areas and rank the attractiveness of potential sites.

Healthcare: Seer has worked with healthcare providers, large and small, to understand service delivery areas, map health-related community assets and forecast the usage of new community-based facilities.

Non-Profit Organizations: Seer has provided geo-spatial analytics and mapping for non-profits for nearly 20 years.  Seer products can illuminate the geographic locations of clients and illustrate your areas of impact.  Maps make for powerful communications.  Show your donors where you operate and how you serve the community.