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Daily Updated Operational Dashboards

Daily Updated Operational Dashboards

New Mover Cards

New Mover Cards


           Member Experience Pyramid

           Member Experience Pyramid

Seer has developed and administered a myriad of surveys over the past decade.  Many of these provide national norms to help Y’s in setting benchmarks and quantifying their impact.  Examples of these surveys include:

  • Member Experience
  • New Member Experience
  • Staff Experience
  • Youth Program Surveys such as 
    • After School Care, Sports, Day Camp, Resident Camp, Swim Lessons, Child Care, Youth N Government, Teen Leaders
  • Community Awareness
  • Exit Studies

Community studies

                 Download Sample PMA

                Download Sample PMA

Seer has uses spatial analytics to help Ys understand their market area and market potential.  Some of our popular studies area:

Primary Market ARea Report (PMA)

Using Seer’s Primary Market Area analysis (PMA) allows Ys to understand their community demographic and member distribution more clearly.  Understanding your Member community in a more specific manner will allow Y’s to react to Member trends, better focus marketing efforts, understand potential branch Member over lap between branches, and much more.

The PMA displays a rich array of maps and tables providing a comprehensive look at your market.  Used in conjunction with Seer’s survey products, a PMA will demonstrate the results (market penetration) you are experiencing versus what each branch “should be” experiencing


New Site Analysis (NSA)

This demographic study predicts market areas for proposed YMCAs.  It  estimates the number of households that will join the Y and identifies potential overlap and effect it will have on neighboring Ys.  It's inexpensive way to understand the potential of new YMCA facility.



Seer is one of only a handful of companies that maintain the Experian household file in house.  This provides us with the unique ability to enhance member data, which allows us to identify key characteristics and demographic patterns of a typical member.  Making targeting new members more effective and efficient.

Member miner services

New Mover Mailer - New Mover is a turnkey mailer that goes out to all of the households that have recently moved into your market area.  Set the program up once and watch the new members come in each month.

Mailing List – Looking for a more efficient and effective way to send direct mail.  Seer's Member Miner mailing list helps you target only household that reside in neighborhoods that respond to your marketing efforts.  Don't use the outdated method of mailing by using zip codes or radius.  Seers method will save you money and bring better results.   

Fund raising analytics

Seer understands that raising funds to support the Y mission has never been harder.  For over ten years, Seer has compiled a wealth of donor data, resulting in deep knowledge of YMCA donor attitudes and behavior.  We have a long history of working with non-profits, both large and small, in the use of hard evidence to support fundraising efforts.

Chairman's Roundtable Report

Seer’s Chairman’s Roundtable Report helps Ys uncover hidden opportunities and potential in your annual campaign. Using our proprietary predictive model, we will score your members from most likely to donate to least likely and provide you with ask amounts for each household.  Arming your team with the data they need for a successful campaign.

Operational Dashboards

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