Digital PMA Tutorials

Section 1.  Associaton Map Page


Selecting Branches, PMA and drivetime shapes

  • Learn how to start navigating the Association map page by plotting branches and their Primary Market Areas

Membership and Map Themes

  • Learn how to plot your members and various membership types. 
  • Learn how to change the map themes to include satalite view.

Blockgroup themes

  • Learn how to turn on and read the different block group themes.

Other boundaries and navigating to reports

  • Learn how to turn on other boundaries like zip codes and congresional districts.  
  • Learn how to navigate to other reports

Section 2. Digital Reports

Community Comparison Report

  • Learn how to compare the demographics within different shapes (PMAs and drivetimes) for each of your branches

Household Comparison Report

  • Learn how to compare the demographics of your members to that of the community
  • How to read the distrobution tables
  • What is the index

Penetration Report

  • Compare your branches penetration rate within the 80% PMA to our predicted penetration rate (average rate) and the upper and lower quartile penetration rate for Ys in similar communities

Branch Comparison Report

  • Compare the demographic and spacial data for multiple branches

Printing and Creating PDF Reports

  • Learn how to print and generate pdf reports